Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. Joins Forces with West Point Community Council

Even though Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is a nationally known mortgage lender, we believe strongly in the responsibility we have as stewards for our local community. We continually encourage our employees and Branch Partners to give back to their local communities through fundraising, service projects, and working with local outreach organizations.

To that end, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. has started working with the West Point Community Council in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our new/future corporate headquarters is located within the vicinity of this local Community Council and we are excited to serve to our local community.

Community councils are made up of local residents who weigh in on projects and concerns within their local area and make recommendations to their city council. City councils are the overseers of the city’s budget. Here in Utah, the Salt Lake City Council is an important branch of city government whose main tasks are the adoption and oversight of Salt Lake City’s annual budget. Their other responsibilities include introducing legislation, setting city policy, and giving advice and consent on appointments made by the mayor to city boards and commissions.

Community councils are vital to the growth and sustainability of local neighborhoods. Community council members volunteer of their own free time and are very invested in making their neighborhoods better places to live. It’s important that we as corporate members of our communities make sure we are doing everything we can to show our support and investment as well as utilize our resources—be it time, people, or money—to help better the communities in which we live.

I am continually amazed and encouraged by the involvement we as a company have in each of the local markets in which we reside. From sponsoring little league teams to cleaning up local parks to participating in community councils, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.’s employees and Branch Partners know what it means to be true corporate stewards and I couldn’t be more impressed and thankful. We look forward to our future involvement in the West Point Community Council and are excited to hear what others are doing to give back where they work and live.

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