May: It’s a magic month to sell a home

47945268 - little wooden house in spring with blossom cherry flower sakuraDid you know that April showers bring … a blooming real estate market? Housing website Zillow crunched the numbers and found that homes that are listed for sale in May are likely to sell faster and for a higher price compared with nearly all other times of the year.

In 20 of the 25 largest metro areas, the best month to put a home on the market is April or May, according to Zillow. The company found that homes listed in the first half of May sold nine days faster and for almost 1 percent more money than average listings.

Why is this the case? The low supply of homes on the market in many areas of the country could be pushing the ideal selling window later in the spring. Additionally, many home buyers who start searching for a home in early spring may need to look at several homes and make multiple offers and may still be home shopping weeks later. By May, many buyers want to close a deal as soon as possible so that they can have their family settled by the end of the summer and ready for a new school year.

For more information about the Zillow report, go to this link.

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