Utah Business CEO of the Year Award

It is with great appreciation and humility that I recognize I have been awarded the CEO of the Year award by Utah Business Magazine for 2013. This prestigious award is given out to only a handful of CEOs each year from a pool of many. I am honored that, through me, the entire team at Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. can be recognized for the tireless and Excellent Teamwork they display each day.

Our organization–like many good mortgage bankers–made it through the storm, strengthened by our experience, and smarter and better because of it. The fluid movements of this organization continues to impress me each day, and I’m both anxious and excited to chart the course ahead–a course based on Stability, Advocacy, and most importantly, Integrity.

On behalf of myself and the entire Executive team at Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., I congratulate our team members–both here in Utah and the entire United States–without whom none of this would be possible.

Reference Link: http://dev.utahbusiness.com/articles/view/ceo_of_the_year_5/?pg=1